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Jaco Beach Surf School

Experience the epic surf, majestic beauty and secluded beaches of the Central Pacific waters of Costa Rica

When the waves are on in Costa Rica, they are ON! Head-high plus. Perfect barrels peeling away for yards down a sunny beach.
For a surfer it doesn’t get much better than that.

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Learn to Surf with a Pro!!!

If you are serious about learning to surf or you want to improve your surfing skill, Jaco Surf School is the place for you. If you are a beginner or an advanced surfer, Jaco Surf School in Costa Rica can teach you the basics or teach you new tricks and techniques.
Having the right surf instructor makes all the difference in your success. Meny of Our surf instructor at Jaco Surf School in Costa Rica have been surfing the entire life. Learn more about the Jaco Surf School Instructors by clicking on the Surf Instructor menu

Jaco Surf School is now featuring Surf Camp Packages, complete with lessons, meals, transportation, accommodations, and even a massage to unwind after a week of surfing and fun!
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Jaco Surf School Costa Rica focus on the remote breaks of central pacific Costa Rica

Costa Rica Surfing is known throughout the world as a premier location for consistent waves year round, good people and awesome parties. We are located in front of one of the best peaks in the area and are a few minutes from Boca Tulin, Roca Loca, Playa Escondido, Jaco and many other famous breaks.

Or take adrive and follow the break. You can be at breaks from Puntarenas to Estirillos, Boca Damas or Playa Rey within a half hour.

But when you stay here, you won’t need to drive to surf, just grab your board and paddle out! Catch the break right out front. No driving or hassle required. This is a place where other surfers (and the babes) come, stay and hang out!

If you want more infomation on Surf Camp, Surf Lessons, staying at our hotel or where the waves are, just contact us and we will help you make your surf trip a memorable one. No matter whatyour level we can arrange for you to improve your skills here.


Weather has a large impact on surfing, and the weather in Costa Rica is glorious. The weather can change drastically between provinces, but average water temperatures are in the 70s and 80s with air temperatures in the 80s and 90s.

Surf travel in Costa Rica offers well over 40 different surf spots spread throughout the east and west coasts. This country was built for surfing, nestled in the elbow of Central America between Nicaragua and Panama, with two coastal borders. The east coast borders the Atlantic Ocean (commonly known as the Caribbean coast) while the west coast borders the Pacific Ocean.

Two of the most amazing things about Costa Rica surfing are the water and air temperatures. Sometimes the water can even be warmer than the air, which is great if you are used to surfing cold water, like I am. I’ve spent many surf sessions shivering away in a wetsuit. I know it’s time to stop surfing when I can’t feel my hands.

Not here: surfing in Costa Rica can be an all-day activity. In warmer water temperatures, you can surf until you’re too tired, not until you’re freezing. If you get really tired, stop to drink some coconut water and get back in the ocean. Coconut water is Costa Rica’s natural energy drink with more electrolytes and potassium than conventional sports drinks.

This wonderful country has very diverse accommodations. You can sleep in a hammock for $12 a night or stay in a luxury hotel for 600+ dollars. There are many different hotels in Costa Rica. There are also a few all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica.

Some of the more visited destinations have become a little touristy and built-up, with hotels, restaurants, and surf camps. However, most of the country is still very wild. With almost 18% of the country’s land protected by national reserves and parks, there are a lot of adventurous things to do.

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